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Why hotel alternate

Hotel Alternate, a substitute to hotel accommodation, is a Kochhar group initiative.  At the helm of the group is the young and dynamic entrepreneur Mr. Puneet Kochhar.  Hotel Alternate, a serviced vacation property rental, transforms the way you holiday.  Life is an adventure and once a year one must visit someplace new.  Taking the first step in planning your dream trip, whether that’s buying a plane ticket or figuring out where to live, is always the hardest.

Our properties are quintessentially located in vicinities offering many benefits over hotels, such as privacy and peace.  Each and every property epitomizes crucial features such as Character, Space and ComfortHotel Alternate is an ever growing travel trend across the globe.  Our core strength lies in providing our customers with Value, Choice and Service.

Hotel Alternate strongly believes that ‘a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.’ Therefore, your every dime spent should be worth a million cherished memories and experiences.  Travellers can take a plunge into some opulent and magnificent properties, in rates far more rationalized than those of the ostentatious hotels.

By providing a wide variety of hand-picked properties, we ensure our customers have countless alternatives to choose from.  We vehemently believe that a customer might forget what we say, but they will never forget how we made them feel – thus our customers’ satisfaction is our utmost goal.  We redefine your holiday experience by providing you countless alluring options such as Airport Transfer, Private Chef and Travel Insurance.

We affirm that travel does your heart good and hence aspire to make your dreams come true.  Hotel Alternate boasts of a large selection of villas and apartments in exotic destinations such as Thailand, London as well as Goa.  The onus is on providing our customers with superior quality service.  We try and cater to your every whim and fancy. Our representative welcomes you at your destination and helps you get acquainted with your cozy ambience.

The concept of Hotel Alternate changes the way you stay.  We offer beguiling quality as well as comfort and luxury.  One can only become truly accomplished at something they love.  We, at Hotel Alternate, are passionate about providing you with Travel, Adventure, Experience…BLISS!