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Press Release
Press Release
Launching Hotel Alternate Location: New Delhi, India  

Hotel alternate, a Kochhar group venture, holds expertise in providing online confirmation for short or long term serviced villa / apartment for your business or vacation travel. It is a contemporary and ever growing trend in the travel world where discerning travellers who are willing to consider alternatives to Hotel can look beyond traditional accommodation. They offer a vast option of magnificent and sprawling properties, ranging from exquisite destinations like Thailand, London and India.

The concept of Hotel Alternate changes the way you stay. They offer impeccable quality as well as comfort and luxury. Each property optimizes the three crucial features: Character, Space, and Comfort

The contemporary designed villas / apartment / condos are set amidst serene and captivating environment. A traveller can make an online reservation on the company’s website. Meals along with a personal chef, Airport Transfers, Travel Insurance etc. are add-on optional facilities rendered to the customers. A representative meets and greets the client at the property and hands over the keys. The onus lies in providing the traveller with the most cherished and memorable holiday of their lives. By connecting guests and hosts worldwide, the company offers an enjoyable and authentic travel experience for those looking for a smart alternative to hotels.

Hotel Alternate consists of a diligent and hardworking team who strives to deliver superior quality service to its clients. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes” said Marcel Proust. Life is an adventure and travel does your heart good. As Euripides stated, “Experience and Travel – These are education themselves” Hotel Alternate urges you to Live, Travel, Indulge, Experience and you won’t be sorry! So, give yourself a Better Alternative….At Hotel Alternate!

Goa Calling Location: New Delhi, India  

Hotel Alternate now boasts of its stupendous presence in the enchanting city of Goa. Also known as ‘the Pearl of the Orient,’ Goa is a tourists’ paradise. The true essence of this renowned state lies in its rich history, unique culture and well-endowed natural beauty. As an international tourist destination, Goa is often referred to as the ‘Fun Capital of India.’ From sparkling beaches to religious places to flea markets, it has the makings of an extravagant mecca for millions across the globe. Every aspect of this party hub effuses the attributes of a perfect tourist destination.

Hotel Alternate strives to change the way you vacation be it in any country or nation. They have a wide range of exquisite summer homes / vacation villas spread all across Goa. The villas at the renowned beaches such as Candolim and Calangute offer the best of facilities from the moment you set foot in their lush green periphery. The blossoming gardens, private pool, the unpolluted environs and service excellence make an ideal setting for your aesthetic sojourn. The state is bestowed with sandy beaches, coconut trees and lush green fields. Hence there is no better way to savor the natural Goan flavor than by reposing on one of the many luxurious properties of Hotel Alternate.

A simple rule Hotel Alternate abides by is giving its customers more than what they expect to get. They get so close to the customer that they are able to tell them what they need well before the customer realizes it themselves. The splendid spread of its properties epitomizes all things that are of grandeur and luxury. The Spectacular views, spacious premises and tranquil ambience of Hotel Alternate’s properties ensure its visitors of unobtrusiveness and exclusivity.

For the company, customer service is an ongoing endeavor where they love doing what they do, and that is, to take care of you. Their aim is to provide superior customer care. So, this summer, leave your worries behind, pack in your bags, set sail to bask in the sunshine since too much work and no vacation deserves at least a small libation. Hotel Alternate endorses Kate Zabriskie that ‘the customer’s perception is your reality’ and so they are here to turn your dream period of travel and relaxation into a reality.