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How we work

Booking an occasion with us is only a tick away. You should simply sort in your destination, select your dates and browse the different property choices over the globe. In the event that there are questions relating to the method, our every minute of every day client care administration is accessible to guide you through.

Hotel Alternate, a substitute to conventional hotel accommodation, guarantees to change the way you stay. Be it a leisure trip or a business travel, we know that investment in travel is ultimate an investment in your own self. 

Looking to get away from the hustle bustle? Whether that's opting for the sun kissed pristine beaches or wanting to indulge in the throbbing city life, Hotel Alternate can show you around a city like no other. You can unravel the appeals of a tranquil beach town of THAILAND or just reel in some exuberant night life of LONDON, we spoil you for choices.

Whether your purpose of visit is entirely work related or purely to savour the holiday flavour, our onus is always on providing you with superior quality service.  At Hotel Alternate you can find splendid yet affordable alternatives to business premises or vacation homes. We have over 1500 magnificent and affordable accommodations spread in exotic destinations across the world. We at Hotel Alternate believe that just like life, a holiday should be an adventure and not a mundane packaged tour.

Booking a holiday with us is just a click away. All you need to do is type in your destination, select your dates and choose from the various property options across the globe. In case there are queries pertaining to the procedure, our 24/7 customer care service is available to guide you through.

With us a client can enjoy tranquillity, comfort and flexibility. If you choose us over a traditional hotel accommodation, it will enable you to enjoy freedom and create your own kind of ambience.

Travelling with children or a huge family has its own challenges and limitations. Staying in one of our sprawling properties means they can engage is playing games, swimming around in the large pools or simply squandering away time at their own sweet will. No more squabbling over TV remotes or bickering over the room with a view. Each member has the luxury to choose since there is no dearth of space. 

For the ones accompanied by toddlers and infants we have the provision of a nanny so the couple and enjoy some moments of solitude together. Young and the rearing to go, who are looking to party and let their hair down, our villas in Thailand are just apt. We render you services like a live DJ, barbecues or a personal chef who can satiate your every culinary whim and fancy.

So while planning your dream holiday, don't wait another day because Hotel Alternate will take you all the way! At Hotel Alternate, we live it...and you will love it.