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HA-PH-1012719V - Thailand, Phuket

Property Description

Going through a remote controlled electric gate, you will find yourself in a true tropical oasis. The villa features an ample outdoor space suitable for anything you might envision, from throwing a party to enjoying sunsets and sunrises from the pool deck. The villa's interior is stylish yet homely, with carefully picked furniture and artwork. Storing away your luggage prior to check in is possible. The villa's guests also get a telephone with a Thai SIM card, some pre-paid credit and important telephone numbers. The villa has free Wi-Fi throughout and daily maid service is provided as well. The property is about 1 km away from Friendship Beach in southern Phuket. This attractive area boasts a number of great restaurants, cafes, stores, spas and more.

Living room

The ground floor comprises an open plan living room with dining and a full European kitchen.


The first floor is taken up by the master bedroom with en suite bathroom, and a large terrace with natural views. The ground floor comprises of two bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and a guest toilet.


Distance to Beach  5 km
Distance to Restaurant  0.6 km
Distance to Nightlife  5 km
Distance to Shops  0.8 km
Distance to Spa/Wellness  0.7 km


  • High-Speed Internet
  • Housekeeping
  • Parking
  • Meet and greet
  • Non Smoking
  • Washing Machine
  • Private Pool
  • Air Conditioning
  • Linen Provided
  • Towels Provided
  • Kitchen Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Kitchen Hob
  • Kitchen Kettle
  • Outside Balcony
  • Fully equipped kitchen/kitchenette

Terms & conditions

Refundable Security Deposit
 Upon check – in, we require a refundable security deposit, payable in cash, in any currency.

The amount of the refundable deposit is dependent upon the size of the property. These amounts are general guidelines only and some villas may require a larger deposit. Please consult your booking form or submit an enquiry for the exact amount.



Properties up to and including 3 bedrooms = 5,000 Baht
4 & 5 bedroom properties = 10,000 Baht
6 bedroom properties and above = 15,000 Baht
We retain the right to request and hold in safekeeping, the passport or ID Card of the party leader as stated on the Booking Form until the refundable deposit is paid.
We retain the right to refuse access to the property if the party leader and / or their guests refuse to comply with this policy.
The deposit will be refunded in cash, in the currency given, in full, upon the departure of all guests in the party provided it is mutually agreed between the guest and the representative that no damage has been inflicted whatsoever on the property, its contents, the pool (if any) or any other aspect pertaining to the property, that ALL payments have been met and that ALL keys for the property and the personal safe, are returned.
Lost or incomplete sets of keys will be charged to the guest at 1,000 Baht per set.
Digital electronic keys THB 3000.00 per set.

Cancellation by the Guest

Villa booked is 100 % non refundable

Water and Electricity
 The prices of all our properties include a daily allowance for free mains water and electricity.

Properties up to and including 4 bedrooms have 57 Kw units allowance free per day.

Properties of 5 bedrooms and above have 100 Kw units allowance free per day.

Obviously, unnecessary use of the air-conditioning, especially when out of the property or leaving it switched on whilst doors and windows are open, will waste your free allowance and your money.

Please switch off your air conditioning when not required

If your free allowance is exceeded, a charge of 7 (seven) Baht per unit will be made. This is deductible from your refundable security deposit on check-out.

Some properties are much larger than others, so please monitor your usage.

With some ‘high end’ villas, utility services are inclusive and these will be stated on your booking details.

 Please consider our non- smoking guests and smoke outside the property, ash trays are provided.

Smoking inside the property is strictly forbidden.

Any guest found smoking inside the property or any evidence that smoking has occurred within the property WILL be charged at 10,000 Baht to cover the costs of a professional deep clean.


 The maximum number of guests which can occupy any property is dictated entirely by the number of single or double beds within that property unless otherwise agreed.

Additional occupancy is at the discretion of the agent and is non – negotiable.

Additional occupancy, if agreed , will always be charged by dividing the seasonal daily rate at the time, by the maximum number of persons for which there are beds.

Example - Seasonal Daily Rate 10,000 / 5 Double Beds = 10 guests additional guests 1,000 Baht per day plus the cost of the additional bed at 500 Baht per day.

 Daily maid service is included in the price of your property

It constitutes a thorough daily clean of your property and making of the beds, it does not however include washing up your dishes or personal washing of clothes or ironing. There will be a charge of 500THB for washing up left at time of departure (See Clause 18. Surcharges)

If this service is required an offer to the maids of a nominal but realistic sum will usually suffice although it is entirely at their discretion whether they accept your offer or, for an extra charge, we can provide a full time maid service 9:00 to 17:30hrs.

Your towels will be changed after two days’ usage and bed linen after four days of use. Extra towels can be provided if required at a laundry charge of 10 Baht per towel per day and extra changes of bed linen charged at 350 Baht per bed per time.

Damaged or un-cleanable soiled sheets will be charges at 3,500 Baht per set.

Sorry, we are unable to supply beach towels in our properties but these can be purchased locally, at very reasonable prices, if required.

Each bathroom will be provided with an initial set of shampoo, shower gel and toilet paper. Other than this, we do not provide any further toiletries.

Child Policy
 Our policy is that a child is someone, who, at the time of occupancy of our property, is proven to be less than 5 (five) years old on their official travel document.

Unless the child is sleeping in its parent’s bed, it will be considered as an adult occupant of the property if over 5 (five) years of age and charged accordingly.

Baby-cots are available on request and subject to availability and charged at 500 Baht per day.

High chairs are also available on request but again, subject to availability and are supplied free of charge.


Airport Transfers


 Hotel Alternate strives to make your vacation/ stay safe and secure .We highly recommend our clients opt for travel insurance. It may be beneficial in case you need to cancel your bookings due to some unforeseen medical circumstances.                                

For any other queries: -

 In case you are travelling with kids or a large group and are in need of some extra beddings, it can be arranged by us providing we have a prior intimation regarding the same.

For any other queries: -

 Hotel Alternate can take care of your transfers from the airport to the property/villas and back.

For any other queries: -

 Seeing and exploring new places and attractions is the highlight for most travellers. We at Hotel Alternate take immense pride and joy in arranging the desired excursions and trips for our discerning clients.

For any other queries: -

 Please email your requirements on: -

 Please email your requirements on: -

 Please email your requirements on: -


Thailand, Phuket
Maximum Occupancy - 6

10 Minimum Nights

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